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Bishan Dimo by Regalia Coffee Roasters

A beautiful roast from the Gugi region of Ethiopia. Bursting with fruit-forward flavor and aroma, this is my favorite pack in Drop 01.


Tasting Notes Blueberry, Lemon, Peach, Juicy, Limeade*
Processs Natural or "Dry"
Elevation 1800-2000 MASL
Region Gugi
Country Ethiopia
Varietal Guji Landraces

* From the roaster

Regalia Coffee Roasters

I met Paolo Maliski at Alita, my local cafe in Brooklyn, somewhat coincidentally. I had just moved to Brooklyn and my coffee setup had yet to arrive to my apartment. On a cold, frigid morning, I found Alita right when I needed a cup.

In less than a year, Paolo and his business partner Alejandro have built out a thoughtful menu and loyal customer base, even being recognized as a top coffeeshop in NYC.

Paolo’s resume is impressive, having trained with the best minds in coffee (George Howell and Scott Rao). He’s a true student of the craft, and more importantly he’s been a kind and willing teacher. I look forward to sharing more beans from Paolo.

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