Hey! I'm Ira.

I'm an entrepreneur helping early-stage B2B technology founders create content on LinkedIn.

I am an artist with a business bend and technical background.

In the past I was the:  

  • Co-founder at Audiograph (tech that helped podcasters make their first $100K)
  • First design & marketing hire at Arbor (exited to LiveRamp for $150M)
  • Product manager for ETL and APIs at LiveRamp (scaled Arbor to $50M ARR)

A long time ago, I went to Wharton and hung out at First Round Capital.

When I'm not working with startups, I barista twice a week at the Joe Pro Shop.

My life's goal is to treat my friends and family to an all-expenses paid vacation every year. I enjoy bringing people together through food. I try to cook for my friends, clients, and teammates at least once a month.

I'm constantly trying to find the right group of friends to make money together over a very long time horizon.

I don't want Forbes, I don't want VC, and I don't want fame.

I'm building million dollar businesses around the things I'm intrinsically good at: connection, creativity, and coffee.

We're all looking to save time, grow our businesses, and help others.

Let's do it together!

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