Polycentral Drop 2C

Polycentral is a whole bean coffee tasting experience. Discover four carefully curated coffees, and buy favorites directly from the roaster. It’s what I’d choose to buy and drink myself, shared with you in eight 15g packets.

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El Porvenir by Cafe Integral

With a woody, dank aroma and bold body, the El Porvenir is a distinct coffee to look forward to. This coffee features a heavy body throughout, with long lasting, "toasty" sweetness. I tasted nuts, wasabi, and butterscotch in the aftertaste.

Nolita dirtbags, this one's for you.

Tasting Notes Pineapple, Cacao, Butterscotch
Processs Anaerobic*
Elevation 1200 MASL
Region Bayuncún, San Fernando NS
Country Nicaragua
Varietal Pacamara

* Anaerobic fermentation is a processing method not too dissimilar to craft beer. We'll talk about this in a later stub.

Purchase El Porvenir from Cafe Integral for $30.00


Pacamaras – I like big beans and I cannot lie.