Polycentral Drop 2B

Polycentral is a whole bean coffee tasting experience. Discover four carefully curated coffees, and buy favorites directly from the roaster. It’s what I’d choose to buy and drink myself, shared with you in eight 15g packets.

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Kiangai AA by Regalia Coffee Roasters

A product from one of my favorite roasters, Regalia's SL-28 should be a nice point of comparison against the other SL-28 in this Drop. The Kiangai AA is decidedly "exotic". Which one do you like better?

Tasting Notes Blood orange, Lime zest, Peach tea
Processs Washed
Elevation 1700 MASL
Region Kirinyaga
Country Kenya
Varietal SL34, SL28, Baitan*

* We'll have stubs covering SL-28s, SL-34s, and Ruiru 11s in the future.

Purchase Kiangai AA from Regalia Coffee for $17.75

Album Art: In My Mind