SEO Masterclass - How to Create Content Outlines that Rank

SEO Masterclass - How to Create Content Outlines that Rank
  1. Open up the Keyword spreadsheet

2. In a new incognito window, navigate to

3. Type in your keyword and hit search

4. Copy the URL of the top results in Google and paste it into the Keyword spreadsheet

5. Paste the URLs into the highlighted cells in Row 5. Add more columns if needed

6. Under the cells that read URL, use the formula to get the headers of the cell containing the URL. For example:

=SCRAPEHEADER(F8) // where F8 is the cell containing the URL

7. Highlight the headers that should be included in the article

8a. These headers will be used to structure and outline the article

8b. The best candidate headers should help the reader get the answer to something they’re looking for or provide useful information to the reader

8c. They should be relevant to the keyword, and not simply specific to the page

9. Scroll down to People Also Asked and click on each response to expand the menu

9a. Keep clicking

10. Copy and paste the “People Also Asked” queries into the Keyword spreadsheet

11. Navigate to and type the following prompts

"I'm writing an informational blog post for home specialty coffee enthusiasts looking to buy a coffee machine. Do you understand?"

"The SEO keyword is "rancilio silvia pro x" do you understand?"

"In a few bullet points, what topics should I make sure to include?"

12. Form the final outline by combining header research with the People Also Asked Questions and the results from ChatGPT

13. Make a copy of the following example template and update with your outline and any relevant links