My Favorite Workflow for Building Pipeline

My Favorite Workflow for Building Pipeline

Buying lead lists sucks.

Here's my favorite workflow to help clients build pipeline:

1. Listen for specific keywords customers use in sales calls to describe what they work on (e.g. "verification", "documentation", "api product", "HTC")

2. Ask ChatGPT for a list of companies that have teams like above:

> What are examples of companies that have intensive verification processes and manufacture custom silicon?

> What are some examples of companies that have a long verification and extraction phase? Or companies that are building chips for AI?

> Are there more companies that fit in any of the criteria I named above?

3. In Sales Navigator, add the companies to the Current Company filter.

Search for your internal champion's job title.

I often pull up an existing customer's profile and look at what they use for their headline and title.Under the Current Title filter, add these keywords and any relevant keywords from Step 1.

4. QA your search results, paying attention to profiles on Pages 3 or 4.

Make sure you're still getting ICPs beyond the first few results.If your search is too broad, you can filter for Director and VP levels and exclude any geographic regions that you will not be able to sell to.

5. Using Evaboot, export the list of LinkedIn profiles to your CRM and prospect using personalized messages. Or if you're running a founder brand play, connect with 150 profiles per week.

I like this method because profiles are tangible and therefore forecasts are tangible.

But unfortunately, too many GTM teams are still leaving pipeline behind.

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