Inviting Guests to Your Podcast

Come up with a shortlist of guests you'd like on your podcast and build a relationship.

  1. Connect with note:

"Hey, I saw you were an expert on this topic"

  1. Leave a comment and then take them to the DMs.

"Hey, great comment on Ethan's post. I run a podcast for X, would you like to come on for 15-20 minutes and spitball about what we talked about? You don't have to prepare anything, just show up, we'll distribute the clips on LinkedIn and episode on our podcast"

  1. Guest on a podcast and use that as a way to reach previous guests.

"Hey I saw you were also a guest on the Life Sciences Podcast. What are you working on?"

"Would you be interested in coming on my show as well? Thinking we can chat about topics X, Y, Z"

In the meeting invite, you can add a description that includes questions that they're likely thinking.

(This comes from having done this hundreds of times and having answered tons of the same questions).

High Level:

Video interview. Grab a couple of sound-bites that help you

Go viral + lean on our brand presence so people to will connect and talk to you on LinkedIn.

Final output: 

Come prepared with a few business case studies or stories that make people say: 

  • WOW - that's amazing!
  • OHHH - now I get it!-
  • FINALLY - someone said what I feel!