What I won't do (draft)

People imagine content creation to be like making pottery. You're impressing an idea on an audience. The word "creator" implies omnipotence and control over what you're creating. But nobody tells you that being a creator is actually a bi-directional activity.

Over time, internet creators risk becoming the idea of what their audience believes them to be. Creators are told to stick to their niche and are rewarded sometimes with dopamine and other times with actual dollars when they create content that appeals to viewers.

The audience will say dance and inevitably, your response will be: how fast?

Inside the rise of Nikocado Avocado, the extreme-eating YouTuber whose meltdown rocked an online community
The 27-year-old YouTube star’s feud with fellow vloggers in the food community is enraging viewers and other YouTubers alike.

Growth isn't worth it if it means compromising my identity and how I view my craft.

  1. I won't be a court jester. Specific examples: I won't use photos where I'm exaggerating my face or popping out my eyes. If I am to use a photo it'll be a normal headshot.
  1. I won't scam or rug people financially.
  2. I won't create politically derisive content or comment on current news / politics unless it is an issue that directly affects my community. Even then, I will take extreme caution and practice calm when others are charged.
  3. This is an educational channel, not an entertainment channel. I rather be more like Sal from Khan Academy than Jim Cramer from Mad Money / CNBC.
    1. I rather be like Colin and Samir than Mr Beast.
    2. I am okay with the monetary tradeoffs.
    3. I won't create drama for the sake of content.
This is the opposite of the content that I hope to create